Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life is a bowl of popcorn.....

Monday, we sold our couch.  Yes ...THE orange couch.  I put it up on's been bothering Holt's back and we decided it was time to sell.  It was weird, I mean one second we had it ...then we have this HUGE, empty room.

At first it was just a room with no place to sit.  Then, it became a "to-do" because, well...we need a couch.  Finding the RIGHT couch will hard because couches are important, being comfortable is important.  It feels a little overwhelming.

It's kind of like life for me right now... one big to-do...and it's overwhelming.  Holt's back has been bad news after bad news... that's a bummer.  I had a scare yesterday with breast cancer, thank God I'm fine... but still stress that I don't need.  Then two weeks ago, call from my OB/GYN...possible cancer cells in my report.  Thankfully...she's not worried and either am I.  But it does offer perspective.  Keep what's important, important and forget the rest.

I'm doing my best to help provide for my family, care for my family/my dogs and hold a full-time job and not lose it.  I need to get potty training Tristan and was trying to plan our 40th birthday celebration for my ya-ya's.  The trip to Islamorada blew up, Tristan still wears a diaper ALL THE TIME.  Bummer.

This year has been one disappointment after another and I'm trying SO hard to see the good in each day.  I'm trying SO hard to be thankful for my marriage even when it's difficult, to thank God for animals when my dogs won't stop whining, be grateful for my job even when my bosses are impossible and be thankful for this body even when it fails me.

No one said life would be easy.  No one.  It's full of hard decisions that you have to MAKE and then consequences you have to live with.  Every day I second guess my parenting but know that I'm doing the best I can to raise a decent human being, some of this (most of it) is up to God.  Not me. I'm not as "in control" as I think I am and somewhere deep down, I know that.

But... Life. IS. STILL. HARD.

But hell, it's all worth it.  I wouldn't trade one single second of my marriage to go back and be single.  Wouldn't trade one tear from work to be unemployed and wouldn't even consider removing one thing in my life with my son just to have "less responsibilities"...somehow I just need to find a way to have more grace for myself and for those that I love.

So - I guess all in all, I'm a work in progress.  Some old clay that God is continually shaping and molding and hopefully I am becoming something beautiful in His eyes and making a difference in this world.

For now, I'm just going to celebrate, find a new couch and do stuff that makes me happy.  I
like going to the movies by myself so I think I'll start there and like Tristan, I want to look at life like a bowl of popcorn and always dive right in.  If you get a kernel, spit it out and move on!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

T's "new" bike

Tristan isn't quite big enough for his Big Wheel

and he tries every day....

so Bebah and Grandpa wanted to help a little

Tristan and I got up...

took our bagels

and walked down to Bebah and Grandpa's

(fueling up)

here we go...

SURPRISE!   Lane's "old" bike...made new

with some new training wheels!

he sat...

and wasn't too thrilled....

(which for ME was a bummer because I was SOOOOOO excited for him)

but then PaPaw came and took him for a spin....

and then he liked it more...

everybody like a hand now and then!!

getting the gist of the pedals!

and poor Bebah, we (literally) pulled her out of bed - she hadn't even had coffee yet

But all in all, it was fun... and now every time he marches up the street

he gets his bike (and if you can notice... a Popsicle!!)

I'll bet money that soon enough, I'll be running along side him all over the neighborhood on that thing!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tristan's first day of school in his big boy class!

He made the first picture in his new class!  He's in the blue sitting to the right of his teacher.

He has a new teacher (thankfully she is his FAVORITE teacher Katie's sister) so Daddy and I feel better.

He's in full force potty training... and is doing ok.  We really need to get on the stick at home.  Have M&M's and Skittles purchased for incentive, potty is ready and we've got the books to read along.

Wish us luck, he's growing up so fast *SIGH* ... but I know this is part of it! We love you Tristan!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bursitis Bleck!

Well, Tristan... Mommy is just letting you know... that while sports are fun - paying for "playing" is not...

I'm old... I'm broken and now i have bursitis in my shoulders!  Hopefully Mommy will get better and these cortisone shots will work...

If not... I'll have this:

Then I'll be broken for a little bit... and you'll get to run around like a crazy man... cuz Daddy is broken and SO. IS. MOMMY

Why did I tell you that secret????  Dang..............

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Almost....6 years!

I got Holt a special surprise...

he HAS put up with me for 6 years...

and since he no longer travels for TiGi

I brought his favorite home to him...

Maryland Blue Crabs!!

I think that crab is in trouble!

I ordered them pre-cooked, I couldn't stand the screaming if they came live..

sorry buddy!

my son is even in on it!!

Happy Almost our Anniversary!

Monday, August 15, 2011

We hate to go...but we sure did have fun!

This is an old pic that I just had to post... because we don't want to leave!!!!

 another old one... with Simba in it so it's TX!

Here's Kita!

T in Barb's yard playing kick ball

 major cutie!

T and Abby

Play-Doh time!

Then we headed off to Casey Park!

Holy cuteness!

Getting our morning exercise in!

Tickles from Uncle Lee

Then playing in the rain with Daddy

then it was time to settle down with Aunt Kelly...

It was a short trip to NY - time flew and I tried to squeeze waaaaay too much in (as usual) and didn't do half of what I wanted to.  Oh well - I try!

I hope to be back with T in April... I'm trying to come twice a year now - he needs to know the Yanks too!

Thank God I am heading to my Ya-Ya trip soon - barely saw my girls...but had a great time with family and the friends I did see.  Just miss everyone so much.

Thanks to everyone for spoiling Tristan... it was awesome to see him love on all of you!!

SEE YA SOON!!!  Love, Holt, Julie and of course, Mr. T!