Friday, September 30, 2011

Round 2

Connie, Connie, Connie... have you learned nothing from this week's experience at Cowboy's Stadium? Here we go again... round 2!!


My little Matador

Checkin' out the scenery with Drew!

Hangin' with his buds

saying hi to Daddy didn't last long. Mr. Independence was on his way!

he wore a hat!!!
the little flamingo dancers in T's class!

the marching begins!


showing us his outfit

The babies played along too!


These kids were sushi!

I tried to get video :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

School pics are in for 2011

Guess it's time to place the order.. man this kids cute!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

In color!

Happy Fall!! Love, The Barbers

Fall Mini pics are in

Look at that FACE... yowza, I want to just kiss my screen!!

he loooooves M.s Kendra... can you tell?

One of our family pics....

Holy cuteness!

Pumpkins galore!

Look, he loves his Mommy *Heart melts*

Getting so big...

and cuter by the minute!!

Color pics will be uploaded in a few minutes.. Kendra is having technical difficulties - LOL

Here is the one I stole from FB!

Tristan Holt Barber... I ADORE YOU!!!!!!! Love, Mommy

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Post photo shoot.. time to explore!!

they were setting up for a wedding but that didn't stop these two!!

T's time to chase Mattie!

then hugs on break time

then off to see all the "houses" as Mattie called them...

Oh this teepee (or tipi)... I tried to explain WHY there were dead animal furs... so I told them that Indians didn't have blankets and needed to use them to stay warm...

then Mattie promptly turned me around and said "well then what's THAT?"... which OF COURSE was a blanket...

SO I tried to recover by saying that Indians used the animals for fur to WEAR but at that point she wasn't buying what I was selling!

Then off to Sod House... can you read it?

How cool is this?  Looks big until Holt stands there... made of mud - and they had to make them cheaply and in a hurry when they settled.  Crazy....

Holt was tired.... he rested...

Mattie and Tristan ran in the front door and jumped out the window..


then off to some of the other houses - I was chasing a toddler so I don't know what they were all for..

Attempt at a family photo!

Boys exploring

Daddy chillin'

Holtie and I

and The Barbers

then Holt and Randy taught T and Mattie how to plow a field

Hard work!!

Jennifer catchin ' some great shots!

Tristan once again exploring

Mandy and Randy - they are so great about posing!

Almost time to leave...

We are hot and sweaty...

and thankful for a BEAUTIFUL place.

So thankful, I bought a year membership and plan on taking my Mom when she's here for Halloween

Kiddos are pooped... hugs and kisses for all

Then we drove home.  What a great time with the Prescotts.  Can't wait to see Kendra's professional photos!  Will post ASAP!!