Tuesday, November 29, 2011

12.11.11... are you ready to rumble!?!?!?!

Well, I've been thrown nothing but bad news lately...

but yesterday... Mark Crouser gave Holt and I a gift. A FREE gift.

Just so happens to be on my Mom's birthday!

That's right... the Boys against the G-Men

Five years of hard work pays off!!


It's going to be a VERY confusing day for me....

I'll be dressed in Cowboy AND Giants gear

and will remind everyone that



what happens

When a Yankee marries a Cowboy!

Fun pics to come.  Probably going to get in a fist fight!

just kidding mom!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas card and letter - 2011

In the mail December 1st...

already addressed, stamped and ready to rock

SO thankful I was able to get EVERYTHING done. 

Now, I can sit back, relax and ENJOY....

Happy Christmas Tree Day!!

Well, we headed off for our tree!

and yes... we were at Lowes.  our normal spot only took cash and we didn't go get any...

I found the trees... and T found THIS!

a tree house!

and he begged me - BEGGED me for it...

so I told him next year, when we move.. Mommy and Daddy will build him this one from Lowes (meaning, I'll find a used one that looks just like it for $300 less on Craigslist!  LOL

So I promised a candy cane... and off to get our tree!

jackpot... we found it!

then a quick run inside found us a plastic, singing snow globe... PERFECT for an almost 3 year old!!

then we got her up...

and got T down (for a nap) and I finished decorating.

our tree and our little village

and T's play spot.. with the "Little People" manger

and our dining room table... almost set for our dinner with our friends

10 adults and 5 kids.... WOW - gonna be a full house!

popcorn WILL be served!

then Daddy noticed that I didn't have an "H" towel... he made his own!

Tristan wrote his letter on his cup to Santa (lol)

and we decorated our little trees

and finished off the mantel

Believing in Him is way more important than Santa...
 I'm just sayin'

Aslan watched:)

and then we added some decs outside

and hung the (pathetic) wreath

put up the snowmen...

and took a snapshot of the little man, still sound asleep!

Happy Christmas Tree Day everyone!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dicken's of a Christmas!

When I was little my Uncle Johnny (and probably my Aunt Jeanne...- I'm just sayin') bought me a marrionette for Christmas. I think it was a bird and I looooooooved that thing.  So... of course... when I saw this last night
Tristan (AKA - Mommy... HAD to have it) - After Daddy popped the $10...Ted the Tiger came home!!

I wish I had more pictures, there was a petting zoo which the kids (and Me - duh!) just haaaad to do! then it snowed (via a machine) and tons of food, music, santa and frosty!

Then...face painting!

The difference between boys and girls...

Scary Christmas! Maddox is normally a cutie!
Tristan is JUST as creepy - LOL

 and sweet Ryan....

 The first time he saw his new face!!

 eating Blue Raspberry popcorn!

Tristan and Ryan.... greatness!

 and then Kelby and I took the kids up to this HUGE slide so they could go sledding.  Tristan was waaaay too little BUT, my little fearless (Holt), stubborn (Julie) kid just had to go.  Kelby sent Ryan down... then Maddox and right as T takes off, he tells me they didn't come close to making height requirements... and said "Watch, they'll all break their arms"... I can't tell you how fast I made it down those stairs in heals! LOL

all in all... VERY fun night with the McCoys... love them!

The Barber "halls" are almost fully decked

Pics will come when the tree is up.  These are just too cute!

Mom/Kel, this one's for you!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Invitations were recieved!

I think he's excited!!

Snyder fun

Snyders were kind enough to save their last bottle of wine from the wine country...

for dinner with US!

Thankfully, they brought T some playmates.  When they pulled up...

he was SCREAMING "My fwends are here Mama... my fwends are here!!!"

Here's Kenzie!

and this is Kohen...

with the T man... mid sword fight!




Finally... I caught Kenton in a picture...

he's too big for such ridiculous games.  LOL

then... it was super hero time (of course)

and YES... I was involved.  When it's goofy - I'm IN!

Thanks Snyders... it was great celebrating a Baylor Bears Win over the Sooners!  1st in history!!

Even though they are KU alumni, I they yelled... Sic'Em Bears!!