Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

For now he's mine

There are moments that I realize ....

one day...


will get in these...

and take him... into his own life...

so for today, I better get busy making sure that we prepare him for out there...

I love you more than you can imagine T and am blessed to be your Mama!!

Makin BBC proud

My Name is Tristan Holt Barber... and this is my first commercial for Balfour Beatty Construction

I would like your attention please....

it is VERY - VERY important to be safe while sucking your thumb...

Hey you - over there, listen up!

See, this is how you do it... you avoid the TEETH... strictly stick with lips...

and of course, wear your hardhat!
see how i have it connected under here?

and make sure you not only hydrate (you can see, I had milk) but you need to have carbohydrates too!

Zero Harm... safety first people...

Man, that was a hard evenings work.
Hey over there! Like THIS... got it?

Now don't forget what I taught ya!


Happy Birthday Mitchell

For the record... in the picture above... he looks soooo much like Christian Simpson!


He doesn't know he's getting this yet but I needed a picture for his bday card - wasn't that cute??
Now be quiet... Mitchell doesn't get til next Friday when we have a sleepover!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet baby Danny Schlund

Dan and Shelley brought over their (semi) new baby...Baby Danny!!

Tristan really liked him and kept saying "baby...BABY!"

Danny appeared to think he was pretty cool too - they were buds!

Tristan loved a baby in the house... but... he definitely didn't love Mommy holding the baby. My non-snuggly boy kept reaching waaaay up to me saying "I hold you Mommy, no baby, I hold you"

But look at this face... I couldn't put him down...

This is Shelley and Dan... Dan is The Rocketman... Google him...pretty awesome - he really flies!!!

Cute!! They were in our life group long ago... and we've managed to stay in touch for 3 years. Greatness!!

I could eat him he's so cute!!

Shelley and Dan have also been gracious enough to come and take all of the "stuff" Tristan grows out of. Some has gone to Chicago, but most has stayed here to Baby Danny and it makes me happy seeing all the "stuff" in action being used for a sweet baby once again!!
Love you guys!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My new Hibachi Master!

Here is his cute new haircut... look how curly it is!!
Then he was helping Daddy with chopsticks...
and then was invited back by the chef to get his groove on a play cook!

this is too stinkin' cute!! And as I said....he HATES hats!!

but really kinda liked this one!

and loved everyone clapping for him and saying "oooh how cute!!"

Little cutie!

and seriously...does it get ANY cuter than this???

Thank you Aunt Trisha and Uncle Mike for sending us. We decided to go for lunch so we can go TWICE. WUHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
We are cheap and brilliant!!
Thank you!

Tristan's first haircut and Hibachi lunch!

When we arrived, he found this train stand... and was sold!

Look at that wild and crazy hair. We didn't get much cut off at all...actually it was insane to pay $25 for what I wanted (yes, that's with tip...)

because I just wanted a little trim. I want him to have his hair long...but shaped around his face and eats. So, he has the same...just less hair. :)

Now he's saying CHOOOOO CHOOOOOO
That face cracks me up. Mid talking... I caught this face :)

and he loves trucks!

Then she wet him down....

and he HATED the cape with a passion...but dealt with it!

He had a movie to watch and loved "driving" his car!

Daddy observed

oh this was before the cape went on...

this was the wet down process (that she said MOST kids hate, he could have cared less)

Look at this cute little face!!

chubby cheeks!

don't worry Mom and Dad...the curls are still there!

close to being done

and sorry... I didn't take a final shot. I was STARVING and shaking and at this point, all I could think about was F-O-O-D!!!
great job T - Mommy is so proud of you!!