Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cuz it's NOT about the bunny - but I do love the candy!

Oh man...this is really hard for me... I LOVE Easter.  I love it first and foremost because my Savior rose from the dead and because of that I will have eternal life.  LOVE IT!  I love Good Friday even though it breaks my heart... I never used to like lent..and I'm not Catholic...but decided to celebrate my way by still giving something up in an effort to be "a better version of me" and I gave up complaining.  man... it's hard.  There is a fine line between giving an opinion and complaining...explaining and complaining - bleck!  But my heart knows when I have gone too far the other way.

I have friends who don't celebrate the "bunny" at all... and I know.. it's not about the bunny BUT I LOVE THE BUNNY (and the chicks!!)

SO... we will have a healthy balance of both.  Yes, we'll still leave baskets out for the bunny to fill.  Yes, we'll still dye eggs and most likely hunt for them in our house and backyard... real (Yankee) AND plastic (Texas).... and it's fun.

But, finding balance is key.  So I'll post pictures, and hopefully I'll find something better to set up in my front yard to convey that the bunny is fun but Jesus is what matters!!!

So are you about the Candy or the Christ?

I'm for both!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flying a kite!! It's a first for all

Grace went first... she's a natural!

Then Davis...

then Mr. T

then Tristan did it all by himself...

Daddy just showed him how...

and he was off!

look at the big boy!!

he kept chasing Grace and we were screaming... "run away from Tristan"...

it was all so confusing for them :)

Daddy mastered this kite... actually... he left it tied to something flying hiiiigh in the sky...

Soon, everyone was worn out and ready to go home.

So we headed back for pizza and nap time.

The Jones' kids are home... the Coggeshall's headed back.... and T is asleep.

I gotta go lay day... need a break before the little man gets up

and we go for round 2!

hope you enjoyed!!

A crazy (and fun) morning!


Have you seen my cousins?

There they are!!

Would have been the complete gang...but Holden is in DC...

surprisingly, they all fit in there!


All in was a successful (and exhausting weekend)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daaa Plaaaaaaane!

so we then decided to surprise them with a picnic in the back of the car...

watching airplanes...

Grace said "Uncle Julie, that doesn't sound fun"

but then we started eating... and giggling

and watching Mr. Grumpy pants scream


and the we ran around...


and Grace was SO funny and then decided this was


she's flying...

and Davis.. well he pretty much thinks everything is


Great shot that Holt took don't you think?

So they climbed all over the statues


CHEEEEESE!  (LOVE this pic!!)

So T wanted to try...

And then wasn't so sure...

So I said

"Bubba, look up"

and Daddy said

say "Cheeeeeeese"

And this is the fake "holy #*!@#" look he gave us!

but Grace still carried on in her elegant way!


dang antibiotics!
Everything was called to a stinkin' (pun intended) halt!

Ripped off the pants, the socks and the shoes...

time to go home!

So while we packed...

they drove....

Grace is the better driver

T is in charge of the radio

Davis...well he navigates!
We have about 20 of these shots all in rapid succession

and it's hysterical because THEY are hysterical laughing at themselves...

All in all...awesome day.  While we hate why JJ and Sue are away...we LOVE that they trusted Uncle Julie and Uncle Holtie with their babies!!