Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Memorial Day to our service men and women!

And that includes my BUMPA!!!

We are thankful for all that they sacrificed to keep us safe and free!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The start of our new patio...

this is our tiny side area

and we have our new furniture that doesn't fit...

but we won't be here long

so for now... it works... with t's play area

I've made some stuff for the wall..

and I'll put that up in a bit...

and Holt's Daddy's Day gift will be a cool addition to our future home

AND I plan on doing THIS once we settle

and maybe get a hot tub!!

And his new room begins

We started small... here is T and Daddy putting up his new curtains...

T HAS to help Daddy....

he hands him stuff...

and waits patiently...

he knows he's getting to be SUCH a big boy!!

Aslan supervises

he's in awe of his Daddy...

this was funny - just perspective on how TALL Holt actually is.  T is like the size of his knee to floor... ha!

Voila!  Now I have to move his name up... but curtains!!

off to find him a new twin bed today...

then I'm saving for his new comforter... same Pottery Barn - just bigger!!



Well, yesterday the bandages came off....

Holt FEELS fine and he's starting to walk - although in a lot of pain.

But he had back surgery - so this is to be expected.

I think....

Um - hellooooooooooo - HOOK?

see it... that just doesn't seem right. It's puffy...

but they said unless he had a fever of 102+ or it was oozing (yuck I know)- not to come in.

and straight on it's "appears" fine...but the side... yuck!

Oh Captain my Captain you are now Captain Hook!!

Sent this off to Aunt Jeanne for her 2-cents...we'll see.

Poor Holtie :(

Friday, May 27, 2011

I smell summer

My boss Mark bought us new patio furniture for my birthday - HURRAAAAY for early birthday gifts!

I'll take more pics later once it's all set up but I'm just warning you...

THIS is where I will be - A LOT!!

Tristan is trying to help Daddy get everything good and green - 99 degree heat helps but he thought


See - it's looking good out there!

and of course - we had to stop and nourish... I tried giving him candy and he said no...and ate a grape instead - YES!!!!!!

these are BETTER....

then onto more "house cleaning"

So we've gotta run...time to get ready for a long holiday weekend full of baseball games, water fun, sleeping and watching as many movies as we want - OH and fun time with our cousins!!

HURRAAAAY - I smell summer!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nugg, this is Daddy - REALLY happy

Soon, we'll be doing that with him and he'll be even happier!

We miss you Holtie - feel better!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

More murder mystery pics

Here we are with the entire cast - so cheesey but so fun!

JJ with the ladies...


Snazzy Holtie....

The boys... on the ring at a random bar - hilarious!

 and of course... the couple of the evening!

with the ladies... just keepin' it real!

but nothing topped...

YMCA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good times, with good friends.  We're nuts!

When it rains....sometimes...yes sometimes....it just sprinkles

Well, today Holt had to have back surgery.  You may not remember back in October... we got sick.  REALLY sick.  Had to cancel our trip to Kentucky to see, John, Ging and Collin.  It was miserable.  Little did we know... but it brought us to today.  After countless doctor's appointments, after countless pain medications, 3 sets of injections... - we realized, this was the ONLY option for Holt to live (hopefully) pain free and happy... surgery was it.
It was a quick decision, an appointment last week opened up and it was ours... Me (being me....) I had to think, re-think, schedule and re-schedule every aspect of my day, my week - my upcoming expectations... everything.  It's just how I survive.  Holt.... well, he's more of a tiny planner with a whole lot of grace for whatever the heck happens.  So - basically, he tolerates me :)

Anyway, this morning, we kissed goodbye and he brought T to school.  It was bitter sweet...off to get better all the while knowing he's giving up a week (or two or three, or whatever) of wrestling...of fun, of sword fights with his son. That's a hard nut to swallow.

I had to go to work today but he was texting me keeping me posted.  I finished a large chunk of my work and headed to the hospital. In a NASTY storm.  I'm talking black, rain clouds, nasty hail all on the heels of a town being destroyed last night by tornadoes.  Not my favorite place I've ever lived... NOT a fan of tornadoes.  Did I mention that?

When I arrived at the hospital, Sam, Kimmi and Unkie were there.  Luckily, I made it in time and the nurse let all of us come back.  It was nice to see Holt before going in.  Here's the first glimpse:

The anaesthesiologist came in, gave us a run down, then gave Holt a little cocktail for his heart burn and for his nerves. He said it would be like a couple of beers.  Thirty seconds later..."WOW - that stuff works FAST!!"

So that made me happy... he was happy.  But quickly I found out it's a truth serum - so Holt said, get me out of here quick - before she asks me anything!!  HA!

before heading out though... he showed off his mad iPad skillz to the nurses....

Hysterical!  Crazy what happens when you have that cocktail! LOL

Anyway...off he went.

So Kimmie and I then brought the goodies up to his room. I brought him salami and cheese from Eatzis.... fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, a mango smoothie, some bread, olive oil and Parmesan...all from Italy - mama knows a happy boy is a fed boy.  I didn't really think if he COULD eat it...but hey, it was the thought that counted right?  Ha!

After we hung his clothes, charged his iPad and phone... off we went to wait.

At 4:45pm - we got the news that it was a BORING surgery - HURRAY!  Boring anaesthesia - HURRAAY -= 100% uneventful!  Awesome!  So, in many ways... it rained... but good results.. so not "pouring"

I went to get Tristan from school and when we were walking in to see Daddy - there was Bebah!

We headed up to see Holtie and he was totally out of it...but still really happy to see T.  After a few snacks, some milk and some juice. It was time to bring Tristan home.  Holt wanted to be alone, sleep and watch movies, etc in peace.... so off we went.

Or so we thought.

On the way out, I looked in my bag for my keys and Tristan was looking out the window. Which unfortunately ended up being a sliding door.  It caught his hand between the window and door. It was bent. I. COULD. NOT. GET. HIM. OUT.  OMG - I FLIPPED.  Yelled at the security guard.  Every time I got him a little un-stuck... the door opened more and stuck him. It was horrible.  Sam ran over from the elevator.  The security guard finally got the doors open and told me to take Tristan to the ER area.  I said no, I wanted to go home.  he was screaming, he didn't want to be there. I wanted him HOME.  Thankfully the good mom in me quickly came out.  So..... back to the ER we went.

Thankfully they had all of our info (I mean Holt was just 2 floors up) - they took x-rays - he SCREAMED... they pushed, poked, pulled,....then.... we waited...

Thankfully he calmed.. the hospital staff told us we wouldn't be charged for their freakin' door eating my son....isn't that special.  Sam read them the riot act 15 times... it was awesome.  Ruth Ann came down to check on us (of course - we didn't tell Holt about this yet) so she came down and Amen'd Sam... it was greatness.

FINALLY.... at 7pm - we were told he was ok and we could go home.

So..in essence ... it rained... but just sprinkled.  Holt could have been paralyzed... he could have died.  Tristan could have broken his hand or God forbid lost it...but instead.. God took a miserable couple of events and showed up... and STILL showed that He is in charge.

I'm thankful for the awesome doctor's today. I'm thankful for family (poor Kimmie... it's her birthday and she spent most of her day there... waiting and she couldn't even eat the cupcake I brought her) - I'm thankful for my apple in my bag and for the doors ability to open.. big and small...they all were part of today - and I'm thankful.  My family is alive and well..

It sprinkled... and God gave me Himself as an Umbrella.

Nighty night all!!!  To all of that are praying for us - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart - it made all the difference in the world!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Zachary Lee Kinson - COLLEGE GRAD!!

Long ago... Zachary visiting the University of Rochester....

Dreams becoming reality!!

He graduated!!

Sunday, May 15th - my baby nephew graduated college! I'm so sad we missed it... we really tried to be there... but I'm SO thankful that you had everyone else!!

All grown up!

Degree in hand!

With his Grandma from London - Muriel

And with Grandpa Harold

I think someone is a touch proud!

Proud Mom and Dad for sure!!


This is Danny....Zach's BFF

I believe at the "after Parent's party"

Family shot of Kel, Lee, Muriel and Zachary

The weather was a bit.... WET.... and COLD.... but my tough NY family stuck it out!!

Aw - sparklers!!  T would have LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED that!

Pocket watch was his gift from Muriel... SUCH an awesome idea - a lifetime gift!!!  So British as well - I love it!

Here's the family - I'll add more pics later....

Uncle Johnny & Aunt Jeanne,Grandma Margie, Sissy, Lee, Muriel, Z-Dog, Bumpa Harold, Auntie Trisha and Uncle Mike.

We weren't there in person but we were for SURE there in SPIRIT!