Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I remember where I was when Diana was killed and I wanted to have a happy memory of her too.

This photo just screams Diana...

I woke up at 4:30am, grabbed my coffee and came out to witness the Royal Wedding.

I'm SO glad I did.  It was more than obvious that these two REALLY, REALLY love each other.

Britain gets new royal couple

Prince William and Catherine Middleton are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after exchanging wedding vows at London's Westminster Abbey.

So Tristan, when someone asks you if you were alive or where you were when they got married.

You (and Daddy) were sound asleep...

and you missed this dress - some day that dress WILL matter - hee, hee, hee

Dream big Tristan.... find true love...and do it YOUR way!!!

Congratulations to two people I will probably never meet but truly respect!!

PS - Harry cracks me up!  I can't wait for his wedding!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

RoughRiders Game with the Jones'

We started the game off in a bounce house


 then off to find the cousins!

Davis and Grace were ALMOST as excited as T

Hugs for Uncle JJ

then boys in their shades... soooo cool

Gracie and her yucky ice cream!

My sweet Davis

Great way to end Easter... with friends!

This little sweet boy - Zach...shared his "stuff" and even gave Tristan and Davis baseball hats.  it was SO sweet!

Camera man came down to capture Gracie


She's a star!  and she ate it up!


Bubba got a new mit from Gwamma... and a new glow-in-the-dark baseball!!

Davis' mean baseball face...

Gracie and Sue

Funny face!

Mama LOOOOOVED the game

Billy Widner is the VP of sales at RoughRiders and also a friend of Holt's... he... up!

Doin' the chicken dance!

more snuggles for JJ

 Massage for Uncle Sue from Gracie!

Time to run the bases...

T was a little confused... he said I can't see my friends - I'm NOT going anywhere.  Soooo... we all screamed bloody murder until Grace made the rounds to hit the bases again

they made it!!

WUHOOOO - so proud of T and SO thankful for Grace!

Group photo... Tristan wouldn't cooperate!

Time to leave...

Me n the beautiful stadium

Tristan's new Barber Tshirt for all the upcoming games.

Nighty night all.... mama's gotta go to bed!

Easter with the Barbers and Coggeshalls

My Mama took this of me...

and then I took this of my little Easter Bunny!

Daddy grabbin' the little man to head to Bebah and Grandpas!

Bumpa was the bunny


Hadley and her new braces

he started off strong...

and outside he went!

he had SO much fun

he kept opening the eggs and dumping the "stuff" (money/candy) on the floor...

Mommy helping...

he was trying to say cheese

the big race is in the back!


Hadley helped... Kimmie took pics

Mama B, me and Mama :)

 he searched everywhere...

Lane helped a ton too!

Kimmie and Bebah

Had and T

Mama B, Holtie and Kimmie

Lane... so sweet - they all kept giving Tristan their eggs.

the kiddos


Holt, Lon and Sam...

he kept saying "more, more, MORE!!"

Holt in all of his glory...


Lon and Mom

Hadley accidentally caught her hair in the egg... and suddenly realized... she looked like she was doing a full blown magic trick!  It was awesome

We had a great time... and had to leave too soon ... T had to get his nap in... we had a game to get to!

 Happy Easter all!