Friday, January 13, 2012

Be a Better Man....

Yesterday was a horrible day.  Horrible.  It was my fault.  I was treated very unfairly and pretty much like a piece of dirt.  But again, it was my fault.  It was my fault because I have chosen to stay in an unhealthy situation.

I write this blog because I want you to know how I feel about things, about life.  I never want you to "wonder" what I would have thought.  So, here is what I leave you with.

  • When you have the "upper hand" in a situation, never act like it.
  • Never, EVER use your stature either physcial presence or "title" to make someone else feel beneath you
  • Respect everyone regardless of your job
  • RESPECT WOMAN... and treat them as you would want your Daddy to treat me
  • Be nice to the "waitress" - if you're not they may spit in your food (or your yogurt...inside joke)
  • Don't think if you cheat in life (in any form or fashion) that someday you won't get caught
  • If by some sad chance you do cheat... please ask for forgiveness.. it makes all the difference in the world
  • Never, EVER tolerate someone treating you like they are better than you.  Money doesn't make someone better... sometimes it makes them stupid.
  • People's words are abusive and hurtful and you can't fix what you say just by saying "sorry" the stinger still stays planted... so remember you are accountable for what you say and the aftermath that follows
  • Never repay evil for evil... that's God's job
  • Be kind, be gentle, be gracious, share what you are blessed with and accept others generosity and pay life forward when you can.
  • And lastly... if you ever just HAVE TO TELL SOME JERK OFF, do it in your head... then smile... and walk away... then call me and do it again.  That's what I do to Grandma and I always feel better!!
It is my fault that I have remained in a situation that has a ton of great days but some horrible days that have probably scarred me forever.  When you see that you are not treated well, leave.  Regardless of the cost... leave.  The damage it does to your heart and soul far outweighs ANY paycheck - I'm living proof of that.

I love you Nugg... be a better man than I even hope you to be.  Love, Mommy

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