Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweet Moments

Well, in 5 days my boy is 3.  Hurts a little...but a huge part of me is so excited for what is to come.

Last night... Tristan asked me to lay with him for 5 minutes.  So I crawled into his bed, snuggled him tight, said our prayers and closed my eyes.

One of my favorite things is having my arm ticked, my hair played with or someone draw on my face.  Holt doesn't like that so much so I can't "trade" with him... however I remember all the times my mom and dad did it.  It's the best.  I've even trained some of my Ya-Ya's!

Last night Tristan started tracing my face.  It was so sweet, I didn't dare move or smile I just laid there in awe of his sweetness.  Then the tiniest little voice whispered  "EYE-YOU Mama" Tristan's way of saying I love you and then the sweetest kiss straight on the lips.

My son does many sweet things when I ask but it is very rare that Mr. Independence snuggles me.

My heart grew 15 sizes.  So while I dread him getting older... I treasure the moments where he is growing and I can see this sweet baby turning into a little boy.

So proud to call him my son and SO thankful I'm his Mommy!



  1. and I am so proud to call him my you Tristan and mommy, too!!!