Friday, January 13, 2012

One More Day...

For one more day he is TWO...

and I cheated and gave him his NY presents early...

he and Holt were at the dinner table just staring at everything....

so finally... I said forget it... go play... and they were off!!

he played with every single thing (and still is actually) and wants to sleep with his soccer ball.

We bought him "music" and he loves that too (which makes my music lovin' self VERY happy)

The triangle is currently his favorite....

then I couldn't pass up the following shots

of my boys

just hangin'

 and being cute

and sweet

and lovin' on each other

then of course... it was WRESTLE TIME!

(sorry, I just couldn't cut his hair yet, I'm having a hard enough time letting him turn 3)

and wrestling brought STATIC hair!!

 so dang cute

and while I soak up this moment

and allow in some sadness

(The dogs aren't happy about it either)

I can rest in knowing that the best years

are yet to come

And tomorrow... may not be "just another day" - it's a day to celebrate my baby is now a boy

he's a BIG BOY

He's THREE!!

Happy Almost Your Birthday Nugg.  TristanIsTwo signing off...


  1. I love, love the pictures, but I need to see more pictures of mommy with Tristan....C'mon Holt...take some pics just for your ECM...hugs to all of my Barbers and a Very Happy Birthday to my little sweet Tristan...